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Talent assessment and development

Finding, developing and selecting the right Leaders

Finding, developing and selecting the most effective Leaders matters enormously to the success of your Organisation. Poor selection can result in your strategy and business objectives being poorly executed.   

We help you to select those right Leaders for your business, those Leaders who can help you achieve your ambitions, your purpose, and, importantly, those who can deal with the volatility and complexity that your company faces, both from within and outside the organisation.       

We also help you to find the most influential informal Leaders in your organisation. Informal leaders are often hidden, but they play a vital role in ensuring the flow of information and making sure that the work gets done. These are your unsung heroes.


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Findwho - Informal leaders

Findwho - Informal Leaders

A small proportion of your workforce will have a disproportionate impact on those around them. Some of these people will influence up to twenty people, sometimes more. This makes these people extremely valuable in communications and any change process. 
We have a proven methodology for finding these people and helping you to use them effectively in your organisation. This process is much more targeted and scientific compared to most processes for finding change champions.

 Select Leaders who can manage Complexity

We have a tested and reliable process for helping you select the right Leaders for your organisation. It's important to select Leaders that are  suited for your culture, the role and have environmental fit. Leaders who have been successful elsewhere, may not be effective in your business. Our process for selecting the right leaders includes:

  •         An in depth interview and/or a sentence completion test to understand how a Leader makes sense of their world and their ability to navigate complexity.

  •         A personality psychometric to discover a Leaders psychological make up = such measures include Ambition, Discipline, Social competence, Cooperation, Dominance and Stability  

Our methods don't replace your current processes, they support them, including your competency interview framework, giving it more rigour and being seen as fair and just.   

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​​ Developing your Leaders and Teams

We have a number of processes, methodologies and tools for helping you to develop effective Leaders and high performing Teams. We can help your organisation to build the resilience and agility needed to thrive.

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